Quick Start guide (linux)

I want to get a clear and up to date information about zeta_brousouf coin, so I created this single Google Document below:
Is it correct? Could you confirm?

You can share this document between new users and ask me to update it if necessary.
Is there any IRC channel related with uCoin?

Hey @976497, this seems good to me for the commands.

You could however remove the www. from ucoin.io and forum.duniter.org. Another thing: why zeta_brouzouf? This currency is now an artifact, example of what happened before. Our current testing currency is meta_brouzouf, available on metab.ucoin.io on port 9201.

Also, thanks for your document, but why not using cutecoin? You prefer CLI?

Anyway, thanks for your time & work !

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could however remove the www. from ucoin.io and forum.duniter.org.

@cgeek: Done

Another thing: why zeta_brouzouf?

Someone just told me to try it. I’m just testing and learning right now.
I’m completely fresh with cryptocurrencies, but shell access to account (CLI) is so useful, that I’m already hooked.

Our current testing currency is meta_brouzouf

So how about a new Google Document about META BROUZOUF:
Is this document correct?
BTW: What does it mean “available on metab.ucoin.io”?

why not using cutecoin?

So far I don’t know anything about it, so I have to collect some information before I start with cutecoin.

Anyway, thanks for your time & work!

I’d like to create more starters like that, so share any information with me, verify it, and I’ll do them for newbies (in different styles as well).

From what I’ve seen, yes it’ correct. You should test it on a fresh Ubuntu/Debian install to confirm. Also, 32 bits distributions seems not to work.

Instead of twiced.fr, you can use metab.ucoin.io which might feel more meaningful to target “meta_brouzouf” currency. But these 2 domain target the same IP, so it’s the same.

You can have a look at GitHub - duniter/duniter: Crypto-currency software to manage libre currency such as Ğ1. Mirror of: and walk through this forum. Almost every information is here. You can go to XMPP chatroom available on http://ucoin.io (bottom right corner) or using XMPP client at ucoin@muc.jappix.com.

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