[Release] Duniter alpha66: new account feature!

A new release is available! Please follow Installation or Update guide to get it.

New feature: account display + export!

The main menu changed and now displays an Explore item which stands for blockchain exploration features:

Account display

A new feature has been added for the occasion: if you click on Explore, you will reach a new screen named Accounts:

This screen displays the current amount of money owned by the keyring of your running software. If you have put your member keyring, you will see your member account.

For example here, you see my personal account cgeek evolution over time and compared to 1/c and M/N curves.

Please forget about the left hand side title, it is wrong. This title should be “Money units (UD)”.

All accounts export

Note the bottom button: it allows you to export & save a .csv file with data of all accounts known in the currency.

By opening this file with LibreOffice for example, you could study the currency evolution:

Enjoy! :slight_smile: