Rendre plus facile le changement de langue / Make language change more accessible

Un anglophone avait des soucis pour trouver où changer la langue du Forum, c’est hyper compliqué pour quelqu’un qui ne parle pas français, au moins 4 clics avant d’accéder au changement dans langue dans les paramètre, donc quasi impossible à trouver pour lui!
Possible de rendre ça plus accessible dans le menu en haut du Forum ??


This mean we have to develop a custom Discourse plugin for that (display countries flags on header menu).

Maybe we could try something with just Custom Header Links component, but i don’t think so because we can’t switch lang by URL.

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Ha bummer…
That would be great if you guys want to reach the English Speaking community of developers though. Otherwise they might not feel welcome to contribute

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An idea for a temporary solution until something better gets developed:
Create a link in the top menu that leads to a page that explains how to change the language and on which French words to click… with screenshots. That’s a little lame but still helpful for English speakers. :slight_smile:

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@poka don’t you think it’s time for an english forum?

I know we already manage the french forums and a spanish one, but given the current enthusiasm of the english-speaking community and the fact we aim for web3 foundation fundings, I think we should consider starting one. Hopefully the community will be strong enough in a year or two to take it on its own.

Also that would be a great tool to organise the translation process.

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I’m ok about the idea, but are we talking about community forum or tech forum ?

For community, if english speakers want to animated this new english forum, i can start it with pleasure.
For tech, we cannot have 2 forums, we need to concentrate energy on 1 tool.

I think it was a mistake to have two forums. We should have had only one but with a « tech » mother category where only a group is allow to publish but in which anyone can read. So only one forum per langage I would say.

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That’s such a great idea to merge Tech and Community forums!!!

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