Renew your membership, ask for certifications!

Hello dear Community!

Short description

The last 4 days of data are wrong. Blockchain was corrupted due to a bug, and if you ever:

  • made transactions
  • renewed your membership
  • certified someone

… you will have to do it again.

Plus, your Cutecoin might be stuck. In this case, I suggest you to delete your local data folder and add your account again, selecting to browse nodes, and then select as main node. Then all should be back again.

Detailed description

Some of you may know I’m currently deploying a new version of ucoin, which do exactly the same thing as before, but with a brand new engine inside it.

Here is the problem: it might imply regressions. As a protection, I decided to run both the new version and old version alongside, so one will tell the other it refuses some data if it is considered wrong. That happened.

Old engine told me that blocks from last 4 days were wrong. It has to be deleted, and is not replayable automatically.

Some of you probably renewed their membership, made transactions, etc. You will have to do it again.

Sorry for the unconvenience. :confused: Free software isn’t easy,