Reputation system

I am afraid that the sybil attacks are unstoppable since there is no mathematical proof that prevents them.
My question is,could a reputation system attached to duniter make sybil attacks as much as difficult to attack?

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The lowest layer of Duniter is made of a Web of Trust. As you say, no mathematics can prove who is a human and who is not. It’s up to the users to build a robust web of trust, it’s only about human organization.

So it is totally possible to build a reputation system on top on the web of trust so that users can have an idea of the people they certify. Theoretically, they should only certify people they have known in real life for a long time, but maybe such a tool can be useful.

As UPort (Ethereum ) launches this month,it would be nice if it was ported on Duniter so as to be used as a second way,apart from web of trust,to provide identification.

You cannot be a member of a Duniter currency, hence cannot produce money, if you don’t have an identity in it. To be a member, you need to fulfill the Web of Trust rules.

Using an external tool like UPort on top of Duniter is possible, but it won’t circumvent the WoT rules.

However if some people want to develop a new software that would prune the WoT layer from Duniter and put UPort instead, that’s certainly possible. This will be a different software, not compliant with Duniter propulsed currencies, and with a different name.

Duniter is free software, they can do it.

Hi cgeek,thanks for the answer,that makes sense.
I am not talking about cinrumventing the WoT,but using a second layer of identification with UPort (or something similar).
So we will have two layers of identification to make sybil attacks as difficult as possible.

Then for sure this is possible, and potentially wisheable.

Just for the record,Bitnation is working on an ID system(World Citizenship) which (I think) is not related to Ethereum but can be used by also other projects.Its a combination of Web of Trust and reputation.
Here is a link