Request certification for 'gas2000'

Good morning,

I am french, and I am really exiting to join the DUNITER test team.

This is my public key ; FUefpXyVaLTLttj3rns2YRaZcL5af9wv5ttThiZFVDdG
My login is : gas2000

At date I install the software in ubuntu 14.04 and as well on my android phone.

I have some problem to be able, except the references here above, to give you a proof that I am a real human.
What kind of proof can I give to you ? I have a website, but even if I give you the address, how you will know I am the owner ?
I need to understand better how I can give to people I am 5000 kms away the proof I am real and as well not trying to open a second account…

Regards to all of you

It is indeed somehow difficult to ‘prove’ anything about our identity.
It will be to each community to give the requirements they need for an identity to be “valid”.

Our requirements here, for the test money are weak, but please play the game and give a link to your website.

I have certified you.

Welcome in this great project !

One more certification on the way… go on and post your website. :slight_smile:

Thank you for both of you.
I understand pretty well now that the requirements will be set by each community.

However, to get more certifications, i nedd to provide you my website address…
Do you mean, that if I want to be recognize by all 72 other members I will have to produce 72 different items that will certified I exist ?

If I do not provide this website address jytou, I cannot be certified by somebody else ?

No, you just have to give required infos to anybody you want to be certified by.
The same infos for everyone.

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The way I understand it is that a certification requires enough confidence that you are a unique individual in the network compared to the sensitivity of the network. Right now, we’re on a test network, so the stakes are very low, I would even say that there are no stakes at all except testing the whole thing - in other words even if an individual had 100 accounts on the network, he wouldn’t gain anything anyway since it is not in production yet. So the requirements for certification are adequately low, even though there is an effort to maintain things as “realistic” as possible (this is why we asked about the website - in “real” conditions, you wouldn’t have been certified by anybody I guess and even the website wouldn’t be good enough as a proof anyway). This is also reflected in the fact that (if I’m not wrong), on the test network you just need one (and only one) certification to be a member of the network, whereas in a real currency you would probably need more (it is a parameter of the currency, so each community can have tighter/looser criteria).

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Thank you very much.
Today I receive my first UD.
Is there any rule to use the money ?

I mean, we just imagine bying sonmething from somebody and proceed to a payment.
Am I right ?

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Yes, there is no rule to use it. Just try to send/received to anyone…

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