[Request for certification]Fatsie

After having done some testing on the test currencies I am now applying for the real thing…
My name is Staf Verhaegen.
I’ll repeat some links to check my identity before for certification:

My pseudo on G1 is Fatsie and public key is G6etX2HbBTfzD4UHXM5t7i8cMH3ubYoEb6jUdqkU7p4N


Hello Fatsie / Staf
maybe most of the message around the Ḡ1 currency are in French so you may not understand all of them…

Due to the Web of Trust (WoT), it is preferable to certify only people you can say they are real and that they don’t have several account. this has to be trusted.

so conditions for gaining certification are a bit more strict and require physical meeting.

I know there are other people in Ḡ1 that live in Belgium, but I don’t know from where they are. look for them (they are frenchspeaker, actually…)

Je comprend un peu de Francais; hardly write it or speak it.
I think I am quite open and have enough information to avoid double accounts. I won’t loose sleep if I don’t get certified and wish you all success.

Hey, sorry if my english was improper, but reading you, I feel that you are somewhat unhappy with my answer.

I didn’t mean that you where trying to have multiple account, it’s just that everyone who give his certification will be held responsible for them. if one give certification to a cheater, who will trust him next?

so everyone will be very careful by giving their own certification to real known person.

during the first times of the WoT, it will be a little difficult to enter.

Did you try the Gtest currency? It was a bit the same, without the real meet argument…

again, sorry for my bad english

Your english is more than good enough - better than my French - and my comment was certainly not meant personal to you are anyone.
I like the idea behind the duniter software but I do have reservations if current setup can get any meaningful traction.

Hi Staf,
I believe the problem here is about short term vs long term evolution. On the short term, yes we have to admit that adoption will be very tough and very slow.
You must understand that the whole security and solidity of the system is based on the “Web Of Trust”, hence its name. It is like the foundation of the whole building.
Now let’s imagine that, for the sake of pure short-term growth, we “relaxed” the constraints and requirements of certification, yes very probably we would witness a far quicker growth. But then we would compromise the base and foundations of the whole currency, and allowing double/triple/multiple accounts as well as trojans (absolutely not saying you are any of these, just saying that we have no way of verifying anything when it comes to online accounts that can be created at will), leaving the door open for unfairness and corruption on a large scale as well as Sybil attacks, and soon the whole trust in the system would shatter.
On the long term, we (as a whole - you included) would certainly lose and probably also destroy any confidence that the system can work at all in the future.
Yes growth will be slow, but better slow and solid than fast and weak. I know it is not really today’s main philosophy in the world where everything has to go fast and short-lived, but it is absolutely not the goal here. After all, Le Havre is not so far from Belgium, maybe you can get a chance to go there (and invite a few friends too). :slight_smile:

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Apparently, 5-6 people from Belgium are going to Le Havre, if you’re really interested, you could probably join them (see @alfybe 's post) : Organisation RML9 (covoit, hébergement, etc.)

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Just some suggestions / my opinion: I’m in Canada (Quebec ). If the web of trust requires physical meeting rather than virtual - I think it unlikely to ever be an international currency…even slowly. There should be some other standard rather than physical meetings, for example, an account with a number of social media accounts with pictures attached, other ID photos, attaching videos saying hello, and a way to meet groups from around the country on camera via skype for those from other countries looking to become certified. I think you can get a fairly excellent “web of trust” if there was some system in place that can collect this type of information - probably better than simply meeting people “in person” and trusting them afterward. :slight_smile: