[Request for Certification] ktorn

Hi all,

I’m Filipe (ktorn), a developer working and living in Macau. I found out about Duniter yesterday. Very excited about the project and looking forward to contribute.

Duniter test_net:

  • My user identity: ktorn
  • My public key: BR5DDeKff8ZoJ5NFpcP8uwXbumR6Muas3yJankpBFRem

Thanks in advance!


Welcome, just certified. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

Certified too

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Thank you!

How long does it normally take for the Sakia client to reflect my WoT? It still shows my lonely node in the middle of emptiness.

Ah, it shows 3 certs received when I click the test_net home button. And the WoT graph now shows me linked to @Galuel.

Although it also stills says I’m a Non-Member.

Edit: nevermind. I’m now a happy Member! Thanks again everyone! :slight_smile:

Welcome Filipe!

If I well understood, Macau is in China. I often wondered if he could be useful to make translations in Chinese, or if translations in English were enough. Can you give us your opinion?

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Welcome here !
Sorry, no more certification available for new members!

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Yes Macau is in China, but I don’t know any Chinese :slight_smile:

I may ask a local friend to translate into Traditional Chinese, and personally I can help translate into Portuguese (Portugal).