Requiring expert feedback: for me, and for future anglo-devs

I’ve recently been working on a repo in the duniter gitlab under /spencer/learn-g1, and my goal is to be able to efficiently transfer what I’m learning about Monnaie-Libre to other anglophone geeks, assuming they have at least a basic understanding of python and blockchain.

Im not a big fan of code documentation, or documentation in general, but today I worked on a minimal document to introduce others and I really need expert feedback before getting carried away documenting more.

Kindly review:

Im willing to pay a total of 15DU for feedback I receive here, in english or in french… with the expectation to reward 5DU to the top-3 respondents that gain the most « likes » <3 across their feedback responses (everyone will get 1 like from me for my favorite response of theirs). I intend to announce and reward payments on Tuesday, the 24th of November 2020.

Thank you all in advance,

note: latest commit is b4016ea5… i will not push another before nov24.

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Very good document!

I do not see errors (but I can have missed one…).

I am just asking to capitalize ALL client names, and not only Cesium… just to be fair :wink:

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Thank you vit,

Yes… I will certainly proof-read for spelling/grammar and correct typos along the way. I’ve already noticed that I keep using UniqueUID too… I think it should be UniqueID. Im mostly looking to correct my own misunderstandings, and my lack of nuance… so that I don’t lead others astray.

Thank you for your response.

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After a first diagonal reading, here are some remarks :

clients which publish signed documents to their duniter node

It’s badly turned out, this sentence makes you think that every client software would have its Duniter nodes. It needs to be rephrased to show that any Duniter node can be used with any client, that the two are totally independent.

eventually to be forged into a Block document and added to the top of the blockchain

  1. It is the block that is forged, not the documents.
  2. The block is not a document.

we will cover the 5 primary client documents

To be reworded by : « we will cover all DUBP documents. »


Replace by UniqueID.


This feature will be removed because it is too little used and complicates the state machine of identities for nothing, revocation being sufficient. It is therefore better not to talk about it in the new documentation.

If a member wants to revoke their membership and remove their identity (ie: because they lost their secret-id/password)

Or if he wants to change his credentials, or if he wants to change his UniqueID, or if he wants to leave the Currency.

I don’t have time for a more in-depth check, but overall it’s good :slight_smile:

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Thank you elois, this is much appreciated.

I will also be reviewing the same subjects as they are worded in v11,v12,v13 of the DUBP docs under /documentation/rfcs while proof-reading and taking all comments here into consideration.


Good morning everyone,

Announcing the winners and intention to payout for the expert feedback that I requested late Sunday night: I count 2 responses with 1 like each, therefore the winners are @vit and @elois, both to receive 7.5 DU.

Thank you both for taking the time to review and respond. Also, thank you @poka, @tuxmain, and @kimamila for your interactions in this thread.

@vit, please specify your preferred pubkey for payout, or confirm that I can send to 7F6oyFQywURCACWZZGtG97Girh9EL1kg2WBwftEZxDoJ in a response below (or in a private message).
(edited: vit has since instructed me that he wants the full 15DU to go to @elois, therefore wherever elois wants this value to go is where it will go).

@elois, please specify your preferred pubkey for payout, or confirm that I can send to
D9D2zaJoWYWveii1JRYLVK3J4Z7ZH3QczoKrnQeiM6mx in a response below (or private message).

I intend to continue minimalist documentation for the tools in my learn-g1 repo, with a goal for it to provide useful utility to anglophone newcomer geeks around mid-January 2021 (I have to find a new place to live – with our internet successfully transferred between now and then). I will be requesting more feedback as that time approaches, under a similar « I value your time and expertise » format.

My sincere appreciation to the entire community for your warm welcome, and for making me feel at home here. <3


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My member account is 7F6oyFQywURCACWZZGtG97Girh9EL1kg2WBwftEZxDoJ,

thank you, but I want you to give the reward to @elois, which have done a real and serious review!


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vit said: « but I want you to give the reward to @elois »

bien lu… merci. -Spencer971

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