RML16 program/agenda

Since there is no one taking care of the content of RML16’s organization, I start this document in wiki mode.
Please, add your presentation or workshop suggestions in the « To be schedule » paragraph or directly in the agenda. The main focus is on Substrate migration, but there is room for other topics as well.

Try to add information following this template:

duration [from-to]: organizer’s name: type [presentation/workshop]: title



Thursday morning

Thursday afternoon

  • Éloïs: Presentation: Duniter-v2s and the Ğ1 migration plan
  • Éloïs: Workshop: Creation of the initial ĞDev blockchain web of trust

Friday morning

  • Éloïs: Workshop: Launch of the ĞDev and manual interaction with the ĞDev blockchain using polkadotjs

Friday afternoon

  • Éloïs: Workshop: contribution to duniter-v2s to fix possible minor bugs on the ĞDev
  • Éloïs: Workshop: Free wallets/tools/indexers development. Basically, you develop whatever you want, and I’m available to help you on the « interaction with the ĞDev blockchain » part


  • 10:30-11:15 [45min]: Moul: Presentation: Contributing to Silkaj


To be schedule

  • 2-3h: Moul: Workshop: Silkaj contributions
  • 2h: Moul: Workshop: Silkaj website with @ManUtopiK
  • 2h: Moul: Workshop: Duniter Infrastructure AdminSys (if someone is interested)
  • 2h: Eloïs: brainstorming around the new global technical architecture
  • tuxmain: presentation and brainstorming for the new ĞMixer (coin anonymizer)
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