RML17 -- call to conference and workshops

The RML17, 17th meeting of monnaie libre developers, will take place from 12 - 16 June 2023 in Castets (France).

Details were given in french about the FISH (RML17 juin 2023 (partie technique) -- lieu : le FISH) along with a draft of program.

There is a thread for pure organization subjects (presence, travel, hosting preferences…) : RML17 developers organization

I’ll detail the program later in a dedicated topic, but I wanted to collect suggestions of presentations and workshops to build the program.

We prioritize in-place participation, but remote suggestion are also welcome, we will think about how to combine these well. Below are the details expected to submit a topic.


These are short talks about a given software (existing or proof of concept) followed by discussion. They will be recorded and published to serve as a basis for other contributors and popularization.

They can be presented in your mother tongue (Spanish, French…) with an interpreter or in English.

  • presentation (30 min – 40 min)
    • quick presentation of main dev
    • place in the technical ecosystem (API used and exposed)
    • targeted public (machine, user interface, kind of people)
    • development strategy (short/long term, voluntary, contributions…)
    • features (implemented and planned)
    • difficulties
    • use cases
  • discussion (10 min – 50 min)
    • clarification questions
    • roadmap
    • user feedback


Workshops provide a flexible setting to work on a specific aspect of the project. All formats are possible :

  • peercoding together behind a screen
  • pre-written tutorial with one person per machine
  • free implementation with a list of issue to address (testing, feature, bug…)
  • mutual aid, exchanges, mini-talks (installing dev environment, debugging…)

Don’t hesitate to suggest a workshop even if you are not present, think of it as group tutorials or seminars.

I think in particular about :

  • @vjrj, do you want to present Ǧinkgo? Do you think you will be there?
  • @atlasan, do you want to organize a workshop about improvements on v1 ecosystem?
  • @davidbp845, do you want to hold a workshop about cucumber tests?
  • @arbocenc, do you want to present weblate applied to Duniter ecosystem software?
  • @kapis, do you want to present superbot or suggest a workshop to add a feature to it?

but it is not an exhaustive list, other contributors feel free to suggest anything! If we have too many things to address, we will make some choice together, but it’s not the case yet ^^


Hi @HugoTrentesaux , thanks a lot about your call to conference and workshops. I would love to be able to hold one about cucumber tests but I haven’t completed any test yet. I’m really frustrated because I have not been able to make a decent contribution in the code yet. I’ll focus on learning. I’ll come to RML17 and hope to continue with tests until I complete some of them.
I’m sorry I haven’t had availability during the last months, my idea is to get back to it. I’ll probably quit my tasks as Ğmarche organizer in Spain so that I have time for Duniter v2. I’m looking forward to meeting you guys again.


Yeah, i’d love to present the G1superbot and statistics of transaction (successful and failed) using GVA nodes (with direct tx and using mempool option…).


Thanks indeed for the invitation @HugoTrentesaux . I would like to go, but I have many doubts, because I have to work, and also I’m not in a good health condition currently. It’s a pity, because is only 4-5h from here and I sincerely love this kind of events (and France too).



Not sure if I could attend the meeting :wink: Just starting to talk with @davidbp845 options to share car and, also, thinking about managing my work and personal stuff :-p