RTM repository migration from gitlab.com to git.duniter.org

J’avai oublié la présence de ce dépôt et projet. Il aurait mieux ça place sur git.duniter.org pour que nous puissions tous y contribuer.

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Moi, je ne l’ai pas oublié, puisque je suis le créateur et mainteneur du dépôt.

Je ne comprends pas ce que tu veux dire. Rien n’empêche d’y contribuer. C’était déjà possible lorsqu’il était sur Github et cela l’est toujours sur Gitlab. C’est possible depuis le début du projet en fait. Je me demande même si ce n’est pas plus facile de contribuer sur gitlab.com, puisqu’il n’y a pas de validation des comptes membres par les admins comme sur notre gitlab.

Bref, ça se discute.

Would it be possible to move the repository to git.duniter.org so we can have a better management over it.
It would already be integrated with Weblate, for which the API token would be already set.
Most Libre Currency contributors has an account on git.duniter.org, and I think translators would just need a Weblate account for contributing.
The potential groups I am thinking of are communication and documents groups.
Do you agree? Why would you prefer to have it hosted on gitlab.com?


It would be really useful to move the TRM to git.duniter.org, since we are working on a collaborative translation platform called Weblate which is directly connected to the Duniter repository.
In this way, anyone who want to collaborate, will translate few strings in any available language (or create a new one) and post it to revision to other members before making an automatic merge request to the git which the maintainer of the repo shold eventually accept or refuse.

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I think that the weblate integration is a great argument. Would you be available to make the migration (archive the ComGitLab version, add a redirection message, and create de DuniterGitLab repo)? If not I’m ready to do it myself so that @wellno1 can configure weblate for it.

I’m ok with the idea, but I don’t really see the added value here.

It was a time when our gitlab was slow and overloaded with projects so it was logical to separate Duniter tools from TRM tools. (TRM was on github at the time then moved on gitlab.com where I could maintain it).
Gitlab.com has pro (registration is not dependent on admins) and cons, like our gitlab.
I would not say that the weblate integration is a « great argument », but I can understand it.

I do not want to do the migration myself (too much work for too small added value), but I will be glad to help if you encounter problems on gitlab.com. And help again to cleanup the Spanish branch and go forward on more translations.

Be careful, there is pending issues and MR with comments and accounts (mainly Toover) to migrate, if possible. Toover/@PifPafPouf should be warned if possible.

We can migrate from gitlab.com to -git.duniter.org/documents/theorie-relative-de-la-monnaie via the export migration system.
In Settings > General > Export project, you should see:

Export project

Export this project with all its related data in order to move it to a new GitLab instance. When the exported file is ready, you can download it from this page or from the download link in the email notification you will receive. You can then import it when creating a new project. Learn more.

The following items will be exported:

    Project and wiki repositories
    Project uploads
    Project configuration, excluding integrations
    Issues with comments, merge requests with diffs and comments, labels, milestones, snippets, and other project entities
    LFS objects
    Issue Boards
    Design Management files and data

The following items will NOT be exported:

    Job logs and artifacts
    Container registry images
    CI variables
    Pipeline triggers
    Any encrypted tokens

Should be good enough to keep current state of the repository and things around it.
From git.duniter.org, we need to import this export.
The other migration system, requires that we enable OAuth between these two gitlab instances.


@vit, you should be able to export the project from gitlab.com and import it from this link on git.duniter.org

If you don’t want to do it, I can also do the import, but I do not have permissions on the repository to generate an export. You would need to upload somewhere the export. Let’s hope it’s not a big file.

It is done!

It was quite simple actually. The export was a 43Mo archive.

Imported here (should be moved in a more appropriate group than « gitlab-instance-9a45dbe3 » created by the importer:


Thanks for migrating it!

I changed the namespace group to documents. Are you fine with that?
The repository can be found here:

I also change the repository visibility to public. It was Internal.
I disabled some non necessary features.

Do Toover, @PifPafPouf, you have an account, so you can continue your work on his MR?

I understand your point. Duniter/Ğ1 is by far the more active project implementing a libre currency.
And this project, Duniter, an RTM implementation, offers a GitLab forge, which can host libre currency related projects. That’s how I see things.

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RTM can also be seen as a dependency of Duniter. RTM has a wider scope, but with a pragmatic point of view, Duniter needs to host its development as long as necessary. I don’t think it will be a problem, at least until another community starts a new RTM-based project and don’t perceive the Duniter community as legitimate to have the monopoly over the official RTM repos.


I am totally fine with that.

Nope, I have no account there. I did not find how to create one (I’d create one as PifPafPouf).