[Sakia] Looking for translators

Hello dear ucoiners,

For next release, we’d like to translate Cutecoin to many languages.

To do so, we created a weblate instance at :

We currently initialized translations for German and Spanish. If you wish your language to be added, just ask, we will generate the files and set the tool so that you can translate the software to your language !

The cutecoin translation project is at the current url : http://weblate.ucoin.io/projects/cutecoin/cutecoin-gui/

Just create an account, ask to be added to the cutecoin team and you’ll be able to contribute :slight_smile:

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Short question:
I’m doing the German translation at the moment. How do I handle strings that don’t translate to German, but stay the same? Do I copy the original into the translation or do I leave the field blank?

Yep, make a simple copy :slight_smile:

C’est possible d’avoir un simple fichier texte contenant les phrases à traduire?
Je connais quelqu’un qui peut le faire en roumain et en russe.

Non ce n’est pas possible. A la limite je peux passer les fichiers de traduction, qu’il faudra traduire via le logiciel QtLinguist. Mais la plateforme collab weblate c’est idéal !

Je n’arrive pas à m’enregistrer sur Weblate…
Le lien qu’ils m’envoient pour confirmer mon inscription renvoie sur le site example.com, puis iana.org


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Thank you!
How can I add new languages? It seems only french german english are available for me.

Because these are the only languages we support at the moment. Which language do you wish to be added?

Thanks, fixed. Now e-mails sends http://weblate.ucoin.io URLs.

Italian, Polish and Russian were added.

Sentences for future cutecoin 0.11 are now available on weblate for translating.


Let’s translate in the other big languages of the world :


In this way we can encompass most of humanity.

I will be happy to support translations into Czech Language (software definitions first). How to proceed further?

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I send a request to add Czech language on Weblate for Sakia.

I should appear here.

If you want to add Czech to other project, you will need an account and send a request.

To add a language, this needs to be done manually on Sakia repository. Using QT Linguist, a Czech file needs to be initialized in https://github.com/duniter/sakia/tree/master/res/i18n/ts.

I wont have time to do this before some weeks. If anyone wants to do a PR on the repo, do not hesitate ! :wink:

I have added Czech language support in Sakia:

The file is a copy of the french file, @Skanda42 can already download the file to translate from my repo:


Thanks to contribute !

You’re editing a file in a project you don’t have write access to. We’ve created a fork of this project for you to commit your proposed changes to. Submitting a change to this file will write it to a new branch in your fork, so you can send a pull request.

Should I copy it and edit outside GitHub?

If you are not familiar with the pull request workflow in github, just download the file on your hard drive.
Then edit it with QtLinguist (recommended) or an xml editor or a text editor.

To submit it to us, just post it here. It is dirty, but fast.
Later on, contributions will be done on the Weblate platform.

    <source>R0 {0}</source>
    <translation type="obsolete">R0 {0}</translation>

Shall we delete type=“obsolete” string?

    <source>ud {0}</source>
    <translation type="obsolete">du {0}</translation>

Such strings just keep as they are, right? i.e. translation of ud is ud …