[Sakia] [SEP] Allow Search by Return Key Pressed

In v0.11.5 of Sakia, the Search Identities tab does not allow one to press the return key in order to initiate the search.

I find it mildly (I mean very mildly) frustrating that I must manually click the Search button after using my keyboard. This breaks the expectations of the users that the input fields act the same as in other software. (E.g. a search bar of a web-page or URL bar of a web-browser.)

P.S. I know that not initiating search upon return key pressed may be because the ‘Search’ button is actually a drop-down list with the options:

  • Members
  • Direct connections

P.P.S. Perhaps pressing the return key should initiate the most general of the options given, thus having the greatest chance of presenting the user with the identity which they desire.

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I think it used to work in previous versions.

Also, the current version of Sakia is 0.12, and now there is no more dropdown list.

Also, please use Github to suggest enhancement. :slight_smile: Please confirm the behaviour you’d like, if it’s not ok with sakia 0.12, add a suggestion ! :wink:

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