Security enhancement proposal

I would like to make a proposal for Duniter clients.
I think the security of the Duniter’s “web of trust” depends on the vigilance of honest users.

It could be interesting to notify the user of certifications given by those he certified.
A simple message “Toto has certified Titi” is enough.
(The user don’t have to know it if he is a certifier of Titi too).

We can already know it with Sakia (Explorer Tab -> set max steps to 2 -> Go) but it’s not automatic.

I’m not sure that it’s a good idea.
So please tell me what you think about this…

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Yep, notifications about certification of identities at a certain proximity could be interesting.
You could open an issue on Sakia repository for a beginning.
It would be great to configure it disabling notifications or choosing the proximity: one, two…n steps.
Thanks for the idea :thumbsup: