Send and receive money from a revoked identity?

After revoked moul2 identity, I could send money from moul2 to moul identity.
It is the behaviour we wished? expected?

I though we couldn’t do any action from revoked identity.
As if someone stole your account credentials and could take your money.

If so, there must be an other kind of identity in the protocol for revoked identity which couldn’t send and may be receive money.

May be, I am too paranoid, with rare money in dept economy, that is why I’m making this thread.

Should we implement this feature? Or, we don’t care about lost money?

I thought it as Identity revocation, so the keyring is still valid for tranfering money. That’s an exepected result, yes.

Also, wallet revocation does not seem a good thing to implement because :

  • we can create hundred of wallets per minute, randomly or not
  • the blockchain would have to store these revocations, which could be a source of spamming
  • are we legitimate to seal a keyring, just for the reason we guessed the good salt/passwd? We are legitimate for the identity, because it requires recognition from others. But wallets do not.
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It’s ok for me.