Silkaj usage poll



I want to have an idea how often silkaj is used. To do so, I made a poll:

How often are you using silkaj?

  • All the time (almost daily)
  • Often (at least three times a week)
  • Not so often (one to five times a month)
  • Never

0 votant

Thanks for the answers!


How do i say that i think it’s a good tool i could use but i doesn’t need it untill/right now… ?


This means you are never using it. Am I wrong?


But i could have to.


Your comment say it all.
I can no more edit the poll.


same for me :slight_smile:


I’m planning to use silkaj to automate stuff for g1-test network. When I’ll find the time…


Silkaj will be very useful for :

  • automated process.
  • improving the future python GVA API (when Silkaj will use it).