Simple wallet deletion

hi guys.

im aware there is no need to ‘revoke’/delete a simple wallet that was created… but i wonder what happens to simple wallets created, where people have forgotten there passwords, and they’re not used… do they get removed, or do they stay active, registered on the blockchain?

can be confusing when trying to find someone, and they have a couple of accounts for their name, likely one was created, then password forgot, so was left behind…

a question that’s come up for the website building. thanks

When global monetary mass reaches some amount, everything gets divided by 10 in order to keep numbers small enough. (and it happens again the next time the threshold is reached) Then I guess the 1Ğ1 rule applies and all the accounts with strictly less than 1Ğ1 are removed. (to be confirmed)

This has never happened yet. I don’t know exactly how the power of ten switch works. This corresponds to the unitBase or base field in DUBP documents, currently 0 because the factor is 10^0=1.

In V2, there is an existential deposit under which the account is removed. But there is no “old account cleanup”. However monetary mass will grow the same way, so there will be a time when old accounts will become negligible. It will be possible to manually (using onchain governance) increase existential deposit, removing the smallest accounts at the same time. The removed money can either be destroyed or transferred to public treasuries.

Edit: In Duniter V1 there is no way, even using a revocation document, to manually remove the money from an account without the private key or an unused, valid, signed transaction.

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ok. this is interesting

Then I guess the 1Ğ1 rule applies and all the accounts with strictly less than 1Ğ1 are removed

that sounds like a helpful protocol.

good to know there is currently no option for this. i can let people know that ask.