Solidity Smart Contracts implementation

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Is there a way to implement Smart Contract?
I just spend some time reading about Ethereum platform and its Smart Contract written in Solidity language. Just awesome!

Smart contracts are programmable and make the blockchan a giant decentralized VM that can perform autonomous computations.
People are creating DAOs (Democratic Autonomous Organisation) where you litterally program your Organisation the way you want…

Bitnation is using this concept!

I understand also that Ethereum platform is using Poof of Work concept (and planning to use Proof of Stake) that do not suit to uCoin phylosophy.

The question here is not to create free money into Ethereum blockchain, but the inverse: implement Smart contract onto the uCoin blockchains !!
With this core ability, you can implement free money using a Smart contract to manage the WOT, create several crypto-tokens that serve as a free-monney and furthermore, people will be able to create a contract to make a crowdfunding, or a contract to manage the democracy organisation attached to a particular money…

I really don’t know if this is possible. But I imagine that the blockchain format can change (to implement contracts) without changing the rules that consist of money creation for WOT members (trashing Ethereum/Bicoin rules of ruling network by bringing calculation power).

I wanted to start making a DAO for NuitDebout, but the fact that people need to pay with Ether on each write transaction to insert data into the blockchain’s DAO just don’t suit to me!

Imagine what is possible with your system of non competion regarding block creation + universal dividende + smart contrats …


I personally don’t have the level to make a Turing-complete implementation of uCoin.

That would be a very nice thing to do, however! Later, someone else! :wink:

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I don’t have the competence neither, but Ethereum projet is open-source … It may be possible to fork it, and copy/paste your work on the PoW cancellation in uCoin… we have to say DUniter now sorry! :wink:

But on the other and, I have competences to use Solidy, and make Dapps (decentralized apps) UIs …

Can you explain to me (a non-crypto-geek) how you implemented the concept of computation sharing without reward? I assume reward is disconnected from block calculation but how do you get the blockchain security normally given by complexity and PoW ?

Rewards are presents : computing the blockchain let the members issue their own universal dividend and secure it :wink: And since computing a WoT blockchain is not-costly (thanks to the WoT), anybody can freely participate to securing the blockchain and its dividends.

You could also read Anatomy of Bitcoin’s blockchain where I answered several questions about this subject.

I understand that the smart contract could be implemented at core of blockain transaction, without touching the uCoin PoW that dispatch work (that is really different from Bitcoin’s one, maybe a new name is needed? Proof of Turn, Proof of Participation? )

Is it the protocol openUDC that must carry this task of defining smart contract in it?

I didn’t get in doc of Ethereum one… It’s not clear to me what is the layer where this contracts are defined…

If we go the “smart contract” route some day, I suggest we have a look at Tezos which seems to be ahead of Ethereum in my point of view. Or let’s say, it’s Ethereum-like, but it has learned from Ethereum’s flaws.
Read for instance: