Start your company (simulation)

This is a great day for zeta_brouzouf !
The company named vit-cookies is selling fortune cookies online.
This internationally famous company has a wallet :


To buy a fortune cookie send us not 3 but 1 ZB (an exceptional discount price for early adopters…)
Then ask for your cookie on the xmpp chat room to get your cookie.
No shipping fees !

Don’t hesitate, be modern, be cool, have a fortune cookie ! :smiley: call now !

Like me, to test and simulate corporate wallets, you can start a company in the zeta_brouzouf currency. Simply create a new wallet :

ucoin -h -p 9101 -c zeta_brousouf --salt "" --passwd "xxxx" self "company_name" --store --send

That’s it ! (don’t ask to be a member, it’s a company, no one will sign you…)

Now find something to sell (cars, houses, services, whatever : it’s fake…) fix your prices and tell us here how it goes !

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How do I sell and how can I see what my store sells and it’s balance?

Also, I accidentally made two companies and get:

Error: 400 - Bad request.
It cannot exist 2 identical recipients inside a transaction

How do I destroy one of the companies?

You dont have to really sell, just ask on the chatroom for a member to virtually “buy” you something (send a transaction to your company wallet).

Then you can see the balance with the ucoin cli client :

Ask for cgeek to delete one of the company.

The purpose of creating a company wallet is to think about how handle price/balance in relative or quantitative.
I sell cookies, and i want the price to be stable. But in quantitative, i need to increase the price each time the monetary mass increase… So i’d rather set a price in UD.
So the result of this thinking is to add tools in the clients to handle the money in relative mode (UD).

And may be you’ll rise other questions or ideas by managing your company wallet…

Note that @vit’s idea to create an identity is good, but not mandatory.

Indeed, to create a company you just have to have a public key, which you can find with:

ucoin --salt "" --passwd "xxxx" pub

Here, HsGwhvAJ7yksc8hTpABdZfkyc4biM3Sqv9JVV1CzjjZF is the pubkey associated with

  • salt:
  • password: xxxx

Imagine your own salt and password so that no one finds it or imagine the same, and then run the above command to get your pubkey.

Once you have the pubkey … simply ask people to send you money to this address! Their is nothing else required than having a public key (well, more precisely, you also need the associated private key, but you already have it with your salt + password).

To see how much money is owned by key HsGwhvAJ7yksc8hTpABdZfkyc4biM3Sqv9JVV1CzjjZF:

$ ucoin -h -p 9101 balance HsGwhvAJ7yksc8hTpABdZfkyc4biM3Sqv9JVV1CzjjZF

This key currently owns nothing :slight_smile: but you can check mine:

$ ucoin -h -p 9101 balance HnFcSms8jzwngtVomTTnzudZx7SHUQY8sVE1y8yBmULk
Credit: 336
Value From Source FPR                               
100   D    0000C843363F2A6D5A55E8DA80A98EB3AE5DD7DE 
85    T    6170BB06F4BD4C48D9440685891AD80DD21E1B36 
83    T    BD7DDE1BB6CF7FB52071229453D01A00AABA79A7 
50    T    E7FB7647C91908E5ED5420B3D2D84B6B33CB6464 
6     T    362C1D49E41DA26B0EA5B809C5A6FFADF7AEB173 
3     T    9119DC818FD28C5B5BCF0B0854D74E3DBE8531E7 
3     T    DAD2EAD7F62FDBE645C6E97119708530FE626475 
2     T    E061229D4EC09863805099B6D1105D01C1FD3FEB 
2     T    EE17E11D0D9CECBEB0F3C41446F72091909D1FFA 
2     T    36584972772712A3DC9F449BD548113C1FD65DCC