Subject : [Ask for Certifications] nayir

Hi there,

I am nayir, curious french man about the new way of thinking economy. Here are few resources for proving my identity:
My user identity: nayir
my public key: H7denMGrcBQB8bA3ASjSp55PudQcFiEjsJFQvWAc7Uqk

I’m probably the only one Nayir Chami on this planet, and the only one on Google for sure.
Feel free to ask me questions on social networks so I can prove I own those accounts.


Hello nayir,
I saw you entering towards 1PM, on my node :grinning:. I just certified you (the third) so you will be a member soon; Welcome !

cerified,Welcome !!


You need to ask to join the community.

Hello urodelus ! Thanks mate :wink:

Hi Pirion and arcurus ! Thanks :wink:

Hi Moul, what do you mean ? Where i need to ask exactly ?

On the software.

renew Membership ? Sorry but i’m kinda newbie with this software.

Yes, this button ! :slight_smile:

yea, it is not really clear / user friendly, that you must renew your membership if you want to join. you would expect to click join once and not renew.
maybe this could be changed?

I think its a bug. When not a member it should be a button like “request membership”.