Succesfull install of sakia 0.31.6 latest stable release


successfull install from .deb on a debian jessie with an old amd64 sempron processor 3000+
Thanks a lot

Questions :

  1. howto properly quit sakia
  2. i clicked on “renew membership” : did i do a big mistake ?

No, you just renewal your member account for one year at block #18409 !!
Currently, only @Pafzedog and you are clicked to “renew membership” :*

i just verify your information and so i see @Pafzedog and Buisson Quentin but i don’t see me !!!
and renew my membership does it mean just saying i’m alive ?

Sorry I confused you with Buisson Quentin, maybe your renewal document was not transmit to duniter network or was disappeared due to fork :confused:

@elois and @eliadem, you both are partially mixing up the issuers of the blocks and the renewers.

There are currently 3 renewals, given by elois’s URL:

  • eliadem on block #18409 (issued by BUISSON Quentin)
  • cgeek on block #17518 (issued by Pafzedog)
  • MelanieGraney on block #17500 (issued by Pafzedog)
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Thanks you.
Can you explain what “renew membership” means, please ?
Does it means only —> i am alive ? and so you can trust me

It means « I’m alive and I still want to be part of Ğ1 ».

So for example if you don’t want to continue to be part of Ğ1, you could just stop renewing, that would lead you to quit Ğ1 one year after your last renewal / joining.

Thanks you.
Does it matche, the following content of G1 licence ? in french :slight_smile:
"Une fois que le nouveau membre est partie prenante de la TdC Ğ1 ses certifications restent valables 2 ans.
Pour rester membre il faut renouveler son accord régulièrement avec sa clé privée (tous les 12 mois) et s’assurer d’avoir toujours au moins 5 certifications valides au delà des 2 ans."
Désolé pour mon anglais approximatif

Yes it does.

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