Traduction de la TRM en espagnol

TRM repo is now ready for spanish translation.
@PifPafPouf MR is merged in master branch. Thanks a lot for his work !

Weblate can be plugged on this folder :

But on a dedicated branch and MR maintained by the « spanish translation team ».


By the way, the weblate project for the TRM is out of service: TRM/Théorie Relative de la Monnaie @ Weblate
Perhaps it is due to the migration to the Duniter’s Gitlab.
Can someone give me the rights on the project on Weblate to repair it ?

Access granted.

It seems I need to access some configuration files too, where the GITLAB_CREDENTIALS variable is set.
Yesterday the issue was about an invalid_token, and today it is more Please make sure you have the correct access rights, and I think it is related.
Can you check that or let me check it?