Transaction generator / générateur de transactions

Here is a simple transaction generator (typically for use on gtest).

Have fun with it! I’ve been testing it since yesterday on ĞTest and so far it seems to work pretty well!

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Great work ! Can you provide an address to give you a little tip ? :slight_smile:

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Sure, here is my address : FEkbc4BfJukSWnCU6Hed6dgwwTuPFTVdgz5LpL4iHr9J


Edit : I have just fixed a surprising bug that was happening at 8 and 9 am when no transactions were generated at all. That’s because the date was in the form “08” and “09” and was interpreted by bash as octal instead of decimal because of the leading 0, but 08 and 09 obviously don’t exist in octal. That was a good one! Fixing it simply required to get a non padded date to remove the leading 0.

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Why not hosting on our forge?

Of course, I could switch there, I just didn’t think that the project was big enough to make a repository for itself and I had a “quick-and-dirty” hosting for myself so I went for the fastest road. :slight_smile:
In that case we could even host vanitygen and gecohelper as well. :slight_smile:

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