Transaction issue with Cesium

I get sometimes this error, does it just mean there is not enough nodes or is it because there is already too many transactions ?

Same as before.
Could you open an issue about it on the bugtracker.

“Same as before”?

This Cesium error is raised when you make too many transactions in a row, @kimamila can confirm.

However Cesium could chain the transactions offline since protocol V0.2, so this error has no reason to exist.

Yep same as Adresses IP privées sur le réseau - #3 by Moul

Well,if i get it one more time i will open a ticket, since i have tried some payment with success… i have played a lot with it, but have no logs to look in (hard to understand or reproduce). Close this thread, seems working very nice for now :wink:

Ok, i got it again…So, it’s submited :