Transaction issue with Cesium

I get sometimes this error, does it just mean there is not enough nodes or is it because there is already too many transactions ?

Same as before.
Could you open an issue about it on the bugtracker.

“Same as before”?

This Cesium error is raised when you make too many transactions in a row, @kimamila can confirm.

However Cesium could chain the transactions offline since protocol V0.2, so this error has no reason to exist.

Yep same as Adresses IP privées sur le réseau

Well,if i get it one more time i will open a ticket, since i have tried some payment with success… i have played a lot with it, but have no logs to look in (hard to understand or reproduce). Close this thread, seems working very nice for now :wink:

Ok, i got it again…So, it’s submited :