uCoin is the first Group Currency

I love the work that you guys are doing.

I wanted to say thank you and let you know that we are linking to your project as an example of the very first Group Currency implementation.

Thanks for this publicity!

I think we do share the arguments of Dominic Williams about costs for joining the network to counter Sybil attack.

Actually, during next Freedom Money Meeting (FMM5, next June in Paris) I will dive a bit more in this problem by detailing how the current protection mechanisms work, how to parameterize them to either strengthen or weaken the currency, and how the people inside the community can act to protect both themselves and the currency, and how all this impacts the potential size of their common currency.

We will probably make posts on the blog to share all this ideas & explanations about this thereafter.

edit: oh and, by the way, we don’t absolutely need publicity yet! The time will come for that, but it is not now. Easy please :grin:

I take it you saw a bump in traffic. :blush:

@taoeffect uCoin is not defined as un “group currency” but as a freedom money, referring to the 4 economical freedoms, that implies :

  • Freedom of choose : Man choose its own money
  • Freedom to ressource : Money cannot be produced by some member with privilege neither in space (between them at the “t” date) nor in time (first users follow same rule than last users in time whatever the date they enter the money community).
  • Freedom to estimate (or Relativity) : no one can estimate for others what is value or not, and how to estimate that value.
  • Freedom to exchange within the money : you are free to estimate any value relatively to your own money unit.

@Galuel, it’s perfectly possible for something to fit multiple definitions.

Yes of course you are right. It’s also possible to call free softwares “open source” softwares, but then, you can also loose some very important part of what you are talking about.

A freedom money (a free money, free like in free speech…), is not any “group money” : money to be free must consider all users in space and time having equal rights of production, following demonstration of Relative Theory of Money, it’s a production through a Universal Dividend as a % of Monetary Mass, a % that is calculated with the average life expectancy.

You can say a strawberry is red, or it’s a fruit, the object admits different definitions.

But the set of all the red objects is clearly not the set of all the fruits, and strawberry have properties much more important to know as a fruit, and less important as a red object.

So by naming “group money” the set of money you define uCoin, you don’t give your readers the exact set of money where uCoin is really defined, with its essential properties.

So by naming “group money” the set of money you define uCoin, you don’t
give your readers the exact set of money where uCoin is really defined,
with its essential properties.

We are not calling it group money.

We’ve created and defined a term, and uCoin fits its definition, and that’s really all there is to it.

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Yes and all free softwares fit Open Source definition, so we can all call them “Open Source”.

But a man who understand really what is a free program, refering to the 4 software freedoms call any free software a “free software”, and not an “Open Source” software, because he understands deeply what it means, and why it is not honest to call them “Open Source” softwares.

People who don’t understand that point prefer to call “free software” with the term “Open Source software”, because they don’t know what they are doing, or for bad reasons.

It doesn’t sound like you have any interest in communicating but would prefer to preach and even go so far as to subtly accuse me of some nonsense.

Well, I have little interest in that, so you will have to find someone else to annoy.