uCoin renames to Duniter!


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So, tell us what do you think about this new name :slight_smile: Do you think it’s better, do you understand our choice ? :slight_smile:

I hope you like this new name :wink:


The transition between old and new name is hard. I suppose it’s like the transition between the TQM and the TRM? Maybe it’s the main problem with the previous name: it sticks too much with old concepts, stimulating the old reflexes.

The logo is great. I suppose the first feeling is inevitably the passage of time. But I needed the explanation to understand the link between the name and the logo. Now, it’s obvious: when I hear ‘Duniter’, I see the iteration of the dunes! The dune composed of these wonderful pixels, seeming still, but in fact constantly moving …


That’s because you also are a developer :slight_smile: but the iteration of dunes is an excellent explanation also!


Drôle de nom, qui ne m’évoque vraiment rien.
(Et aussi je me demande comment ça se prononce.)


Ca se prononce comme chacun souhaite le prononcer. Perso, c’est “Duniteur” en français, ou Dwiuniter en anglais.

Et que le nom ne soit pas trop évocateur n’est pas plus mal, c’est les monnaies qui seront réalisées avec qui importent :slight_smile:

En tout cas, ceux qui ont une certaine maitrise des principes de la TRM pigent assez vite d’où vient ce nom. Tu as connu Duniter/uCoin comment si ce n’est pas trop indiscret ? :slight_smile:


Je ne sais plus, mais ça fait un bon moment que je suis le blog de Stéphane Laborde, donc ça doit venir de là.


Alors ça y est ! Ce nouveau nom est vraiment bien. Il a effectivement plus une consonance de “générateur”, et la relation avec le logo permet d’apprécier cette notion de flux et de mouvement continue. Et puis “Dune” quoi…! Vraiment mieux que “ucoin”, bien joué.


Great change!
I no longer have to explain to others that I’m not talking about a crypto-coin anymore as soon as the name drops.


Great name, congratulations!
It makes sense.

However I’m not fan about the logo, although I undertstand its meaning after reading the explanation. It reminds me retro video games…


This project really needed a new name and logo.
Nice work!!


Duniter makes me think to:

  • DU: Dividende universel (fr) <–> (en) universal dividend
  • Unit: as homonyms for:
  • Union
  • Units which permit to count with a new relative unit…
  • Terre, planet Earth (en)

Finally, I really :heart: it!

a épinglé ce sujet globalement #12


Also @cuckooland nicely noted the Dune and iter, which means an iterative dune. I really like this interpretation too :slight_smile:


I like it much better than uCoin. uCoin sounds like a cheap bitcoin alt-coin/clone (sorry! :smiley: ).

Duniter is also easy to pronounce for most people on the Earth (although it will be pronounced very differently depending on the language but at least it is syllabic and doesn’t use “exotic” characters and there is no combination like “au”, “ai”, “dr”, and so on that would be difficult to pronounce for some people).

Of course, I also think about DU (Dividende Universel), but mostly “uniter”, something that unifies all. :slight_smile: