uCoin Web Client

A random related thing:

I just discovered this beauty. But it doesn’t supports/promotes/includes “scrypt” nor “Ed25519” :confused:

The standardization process is open, however. So, maybe this could be of someone’s interest.


UWC can now “login” and show your public key and your money!

source code | live instance

(tested on Firefox 40, GNOME Web 3.17.2 and Firefox Mobile 31)

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Amazing project !

And it is progressing very fast !
I can already see my public key in the live instance !

The fact to give my salt and password to a non ssl site is very disturbing… But I know that cryptography is done in javascript so I feel secure… :sunglasses:

Keep up the good work !

Thank you : )

It should show your money, too. It’s already filled with bugs? :stuck_out_tongue:

It works with https (shared certificate) but I can’t receive information in the https version of “metab.ucoin.io” (and I don’t know why :confused: ).

Anyway, only the public key is sent (at least for now - I’m still learning the uCoin’s API), and is sent directly to the uCoin nodes.

It works! Both UWC and Cutecoin tell me I have 167,579,894,475 MB :slight_smile:

I can find my pubkey but not the money !

In the firefox console I can find this :

Blocked loading mixed active content “http://metab.ucoin.io/tx/sources/8Fi1VSTbjkXguwThF4v2ZxC5whK7pwG2vcGTkPUPjPGU”[Learn More]

Yes, should happen in the https version of it. Are you using “HTTPS Everywhere” or some similar extension?

Yes I do !

Most shameful post of the century:

Look, I know that UWC is worthless; and that the developers of CuteCoin/uCoin, the writers of RTM, and pretty much everyone else doing free culture things should be valued and paid first, but…

My computer is turning itself off randomly and frequently for some time (I’ve never been able to fix), and, turns out, today my HD broke (probably because of my anger and stupidity).

So, I don’t know, if someone have some money left, and, for a hell of a reason, want to give it to me, I do accept. A new 320 GB HD/60 GB SSD here is R$ 250 (or $ 70 american dollars); but I don’t like to buy new things, so, a used HD/SSD should cost less… and I think I can convert Bitcoins/Litecoins/Dogecoins to local money…

Anyway, feel free to report/delete this post. Sorry.

Wow that’s quite bad luck.

This is typically why we need a Universal Dividend. Because for creators of free values, it’s hard to get paid. You translated cutecoin to portuguese and started to build an important client, and you cannot even buy a 70$ HDD…

Anyway, 70$ is not that much if a substantive number of people helps you, and UWC is pretty important as a ucoin client. So I think, that maybe the community could help you. Just my humble opinion…

Just in case:

Bitcoin = 1KcBQhtmu1XqQojE25LdPhGDU4nv7bw6BR
Litecoin = LW2XiiUDdv4qJphGHpgMCyaXqtWEDyX2wW

ce projet est TOP !

Hésite pas à envoyer quelques centibitcoins à diogo, son HDD est mort donc si tu veux le soutenir c’est par là :slight_smile: En attendant que les créateurs de valeurs libres puissent se rémunérer…


I kind of got a HD borrowed temporarily. Thanks to all who cared.

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You will receive soon my contribution.
(check your btc wallet :smile: )

I received. And I also don’t know what to say…
Thank you, greyzlii. So much :heart: .

Your work has great value.
I do thank you.

Little New Year’s gift:

Small update to the uCoin Web Client.


  • Use of Web Components / Custom Elements / Polymer.
  • Implementation of Material Design.

Known Bugs:

  • Does not work with HTTPS for now.
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Wow you are still working on it ! Great !