Unpublished sakia releases

The most recent sakia release (on git.duniter.org) is 0.32.10post1 from February 2018. However, there have been a quite few more git tags:
https://git.duniter.org/clients/python/sakia/-/tags, even from two months ago. Is there any reason why those tags and releases are not synchronized?
Note that github releases are used by src/sakia/app.py to get the most recent version available.

Thanks for your message!


  • I need to update the README to explain that Sakia is released on PyPI and no more on gitlab/github.
  • I need to modify src/sakia/app.py to do it by a PyPI check.

I will fix all that asap…

To install or update Sakia :

pip3 install sakia --user --upgrade
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