Unsynced selfhosted monit

Hello, I had some issues with a self-hosted instance of monit I hosted as per request of the spanish Ğ1 community. I asked where to get help and I was told to ask here even though in English, I hope that is allowed as I failed to find another way of contacting

Anyway, my node is at https://monit.fai.su and it works as expected, I did the sync with g1.duniter.org and set up a Systemd service to keep it up. The problem is that I see that it isn’t up to date with the info at https://monit.g1.nordstrom.duniter.org/ is this a normal thing? Do I have to sync again or do I have to just wait until it indexes all the info about the accounts or something? It has been up and working for three days like this

Thank you in advance

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I see that your node is on block 430737 while nordstrom is on 430733. This difference is not very important, and might be due to a fork being resolved.

When the difference is +100 blocks, you may want to resync your node.

This is about block sync. On this point , all is right.

However, monit’s infos are also about pool sync, which are not in the BC. The two nodes may not be in sync.

I have a script that forces sync of pools between nodes. If you give me the URL of the duniter node that uses your Monit, I will add it to my script. I need the BMA path.’

Hi, thanks for answering, and sorry for the late response, work has me very busy

I see. I really don’t know much about how Ğ1 works internally in the blockchain sense, but yes, I see that more or less they’re on the same node most of the time, but still stuff like the amount of « willMembers » that appear on my instance is a lot lower, could that be because of the additional info in the pool that isn’t in the blockchain? My Monit uses the one that is in the README of the official repo, g1.duniter.org

Also what does BMA stand for or refer to? I’m new to this, sorry

HI !

All right. Then, a little glossary :

Node refers to the Duniter daemon that :

  • keeps the blockchain sync and checks blocks
  • deals with documents (tx certifications) to be inserted in a block
  • exposes communication APIs (BMA, WS2P, future GVA)
  • computes blocks if it owns a pubkey linked to a member identity

Block : the basic element of a blockchain

BMA : Basic Merkled Api : the API that clients use to get infos from nodes end send documents.
You can see

I don’t know how Ğ1Monit works internally. But it must get infos from a Duniter node. AFAIK it uses a local node and not g1.duniter.org. I think you only synced your node on g1.duniter.org but it is not this node that is being used by your Monit.

You may have a local Duniter node, with a BMA API that has to be exposed if you want me to sync its pools on a regular basis. Maybe this tutorial may help (still in French… Sorry) or the duniter commands (EN)

For example, nordstrom’s monit exposes its BMA API at : https://monit.g1.nordstrom.duniter.org/bma/

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