Uploading readme to dockerhub in CI

In this MR, @Pini could use some help to modify the CI so that it uploads the readme automatically to dockerhub. @aya do you know how to do it?

[update] this is the draft MR for this specific change: Draft: Docker tag sha-latest and push Dockerhub README.md file on release (!124) · Merge requests · nodes / rust / Duniter v2S · GitLab @1000i100 maybe?

no :frowning:

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I’ve answer in the MR for what i see with just reading.

If @Pini don’t find a working way in the few next days, i can try it myself during the next week.


I use the gitlab-runner application to run my .gitlab-ci.yml file locally before pushing to Gitlab.

To test on a local docker image, specify pull policy:

gitlab-runner exec docker --docker-pull-policy never [task name]

Hope this help…

I’ve tested the MR successfully. Here is how I proceeded:

  1. Fork the duniter-v2s repo
  2. Update the .gitlzb-ci.yml file to target my own DockerHub repository
  3. Update the rule for job readme_docker_release_tag to enable manual trigger
  4. Push these updates on my repo and trigger the CI/CD

The result is there : Pini’s DockerHub repo for duniter-v2s.

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