[v0.23.4] vucoin update

I’ve just released an update for vucoin, the CLI client.

You will find below the changelog.

To update:

$ sudo npm update -g vucoin

balance & transfer commands can now take an UID as parameter

These commands now allow to use an UID instead of a whole pubkey as argument.

Concretely, before we had to do:

$ ucoin --host twiced.fr --port 9101 balance HnFcSms8jzwngtVomTTnzudZx7SHUQY8sVE1y8yBmULk

To get

Credit: 177
Value From Source FPR                               
85    T    6170BB06F4BD4C48D9440685891AD80DD21E1B36 
83    T    BD7DDE1BB6CF7FB52071229453D01A00AABA79A7 
6     T    362C1D49E41DA26B0EA5B809C5A6FFADF7AEB173 
3     T    9119DC818FD28C5B5BCF0B0854D74E3DBE8531E7 

Now, you can directly type:

$ ucoin --host twiced.fr --port 9101 balance cgeek

transfer command can be called without salt & passwd

Before, you always had to give --salt and --passwd parameters:

$ ucoin --host twiced.fr --port 9101 --salt mysalt --passwd mypasswd transfer 8 ManUtopiK

Now, you no more have to do it! Instead, you will be asked to type them:

$ ucoin --host twiced.fr --port 9101 transfer 8 ManUtopiK
[?] Salt: *******************
[?] Password: **********************

transfer command now asks for confirmation!

Before, transaction was directly signed without asking confirmation. This was before :smile:

Version: 1
Type: Transaction
Currency: zeta_brouzouf

[?] You are about to sign this transaction, continue? (y/N) 

WoT graphviz generator

You may now create a .dot (graphviz) file with “wotviz” command:

$ ucoin --host twiced.fr --port 9101 wotviz
digraph G {
	"cgeek" -> "inso" [dir=both];
	"cgeek" -> "vit" [dir=both];
	"cgeek" -> "ManUtopiK" [dir=both];
	"cgeek" -> "toearc" [dir=both];
	"cgeek" -> "kimamila" [dir=both];
	"cgeek" -> "mhugo" [dir=both];
	"cgeek" -> "galuel" [dir=both];
	"cgeek" -> "folatt" [dir=both];
	"inso" -> "mhugo" [color=gray];
	"inso" -> "galuel" [color=gray];
	"inso" -> "vit" [dir=both];
	"inso" -> "ManUtopiK" [dir=both];
	"inso" -> "toearc" [dir=both];
	"vit" -> "galuel" [color=gray];
	"vit" -> "ManUtopiK" [dir=both];
	"vit" -> "toearc" [dir=both];
	"vit" -> "kimamila" [dir=both];
	"vit" -> "folatt" [color=gray];
	"vit" -> "mhugo" [color=gray];
	"galuel" -> "folatt" [color=gray];
	"galuel" -> "kimamila" [dir=both];
	"kimamila" -> "toearc" [dir=both];
	"kimamila" -> "inso" [color=gray];
	"kimamila" -> "folatt" [color=gray];
	"kimamila" -> "ManUtopiK" [color=gray];
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