[v0.8.8] New testing nodes : 2 different currencies

Hey there! I’ve just deployed 2 nodes tonight, which are:

As you can see, parameters are the same but the number of signatures required to join in. So here, we have 2 currencies (with the same name) using the signatures & join memberships received in our last test ([v0.8.3] Subcription testing).

Also, these nodes ar able to automatically generate next blocks. All they wait to do so is reception of valid data to add to their blockchain (certifications, joins).

As you will be able to see, Eve succeeded to join currency1, while she is not in currency2. However, currency2 is only composed of @cgeek, @canercandan, @greyzlii and @idkwptc, and cannot integrate any other member given the constraints and current signatures.

You can play with these nodes :wink: (even Eve)

I did that.

neven@Mint ~ $ ucoin -h twiced.fr -p 9102 -c beta_brousouf --salt "nicolas.even@aznetwork.eu" --passwd "XXXXXX" --store  --send


neven@Mint ~ $ ucoin -h twiced.fr -p 9102 -c beta_brousouf --salt "nicolas.even@aznetwork.eu" --passwd "XXXXXXXX" join "greyzlii"  --send

But I have the following error.

Error: 400 - Bad request.
A member cannot join in.

Missed something ?

Yep: you are already a member. I reused your membership request from beta_brousouf, so it is already written in both currency1 and currency2.

If @canercandan could use its supertool to show us the respective WoTs, this would be more obvious :stuck_out_tongue:

This topic is now closed, since those 2 nodes are no longer available.