Wanted RTM repository maintainer

I open this subject as I want to give my role of RTM repository maintainer to another person.

Why ?

It is in no way because of a problem, there is no problem whatsoever, but because of a human bus factor.

Until recently I was the only one understanding the technical maintenance of the repository.

Then, @PifPafPouf came and upgraded the old repository to step up from Python 2 to Python 3. It was amazing to see a new life for this project, with a skilled developer.

But @PifPafPouf not only understand technically the repository. He has made a lot of modifications to improve the RTM text and math.

With @Galuel permission, he has started to fix some text on the original french text. And take care to not break English translation.

Sadly, I have no time to spend on this kind of work, so I am a bus factor and delay for the MR and the advancement of the modifications.

I suggest to step back to a consultant role to help only on technical problems.

The role of RTM repository maintainer is vacant. If anyone want to take it.

@PifPafPouf if you agree, I will be please to give you the control of the repository, to allow you to work without my time constraints.

Ping @Moul, @HugoTrentesaux , @poka


I agree. Let me know any untold rule you could think about to maintain it respectfully. For instance I understood that the changes in the meaning of the text should be agreed with @Galuel.

I started some controversial threads such as Page 'solutions' - symétrie spatiale - #8 by PifPafPouf, and I would like advice on how to assess whether consensus is reached.


Yes, this is the golden rule.

I suggest to release a classic RTM version (milestone) before diving into deeper modifications.

You should deal with @Galuel how far you can go on text modifications, and not ask for each one.
You should deal with him also for alternate math examples, and with people understanding math on this forum. (I am not one of these, sorry :wink: )

If you think you are too restricted by the RTM author, you can clone the repository and rename the RTM with a clear alternate name, and do whatever the licence allow you to do, then publish and promote this new version. I am sure some people will help you on an alternate version of the RTM.

@Moul could you see to allow @PifPafPouf to have the maintainer status on the repository.

@PifPafPouf, you now have maintainer role in the project.

Thanks, I hope to be a wise one.
Don’t hesitate to criticize so that I can improve.