What are primitives?

What are Duniter primitives and membership primitives https://git.duniter.org/nodes/rust/duniter-v2s/-/tree/master/primitives?

In substrate and polkadot this is for runtime APIs, but here it seems to be something else. @tuxmain I know for distance pallet you will need to add runtime APIs, what do you think about these ones?

I don’t know, I created a primitives crate because Élois told me to… :no_mouth:

Maybe code that has to be shared between client and runtime. Maybe it’s just semantic.

For the distance I will go on following the compiler, Polkadot and what looks fine for the dependency tree, and we’ll see what ends up in primitives. :slight_smile:

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For distance pallet it makes sense to use runtime apis because the computation are done by the client and not by the runtime. Primitives is the folder name used by polkadot, so lets stick to it. But these “duniter primitives” and “membership primitives” do not look like they are runtime apis, so I wonder why they are in the primitives folder. I’ll ask elois during the next visio, I do not think this is the kind of question I will get an answer by email.