What are the pespectives of this project?

what are the ambitions of this project?How do you see this project after 3-4 years ?

Every man on earth(2017) to earth(2017 + 3-4 years) will have its own view on it.

So the best is to answer your own question by yourself ! Come on !

Okay,lets use this topic for predictions/expectations of people!
So,what do you think duniter will be in 3-4 years?

I ll tell you what are the prespectives. The universal income is in fashion nowdays. But the capitalists dont want to give a real income. They just want to give a pittance.

So this is also the spirit of this forum. “Take the charity and the alms we are giving you, and shut the fuck up.”

The new world order dont like free people to be able to talk and to judge. They want slaves and cows to feed them. In the exact same spirit, the censors of this forum do not let people to express themselves and talk freely. They want to give their so called universal dividend to slaves, not to free people.

Thats why the censors of this forum refuse free speech over here. Their spirit is identical to the spirit the capitalists have, but as long as we have different conditions here, the spirit it is expressed differently, although similarly.

Faux. Veuillez vous reporter sur ce forum. Merci.

False. Please refer to this forum. Thank you.

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You are free to talk on your own forum, own site, own project.

Here you are in our house, and not only we did nit invite you, but we also told you to go and we closed the door.

The fact you force us to read you is a violation of our own liberties. Your definitely no more welcome.