What secrets lies within block 0 identities signature blockstamps ?


Perhaps just a random hash, but there could be something burried there, am I right?
Does anyone know how this hash was produced ?


The hash suggest there is an input probably in a similar text format as the rest of the protocol.

if it were block 0 itselfs, it would be in a state before the recording of identities themself, an empty shell with no meaning.

the reunion of 59 persons must have produced something else than an empty shell



I am not sure anyone understood your meanings.


is the hash of … ?


An empty block? You should ask its creator.


so thats it, there’s no secret encoded at its heart? nothing but an empty block hashed into an empty hash :confused:

My faith is gone


Where? With the UFO?


you were there, you could tell us the the story. I have been through the 100 first blocks about a thousand time already.

I can describe the process in which that day was conducted.

you gathered on a morning to records your identity as well as the certifications. 59 people incuding a few explanation took probably a few hours with console tools.

so you did press the button, received your Dividend and then went on eating. or whatever break you needed to do.

After the break, during which the first transactions were settled, time came to record these transactions. @cgeek demonstrated what is the smallest transaction one can ever do on the chain. couple of transactions
later the same issuer demonstrated 2 things at once :
“how to feed remuniter” !
"how to burn bank notes! " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCFm8r6_1bs

He purposedly burned a relatively (then) decent share of the monetary mass : 22 ğ1 cents .

That specific issuer couldn’t ignore the consequence of his action. by emptying his acount at once, the rest of the transaction, triggering rule 106, would never reach his pocket. seems like the power to create money comes with the power to destroy it !

Various things were tested on that day but one thing is : the hash was hard coded, so if it were an empty hash of an empty block, why bother copy pasting this hash everywhere ? just calculate it !

my profiling capabilities knows its limit though

perhaps you’re right, perhaps its not a matter of 59 persons, perhaps only the developer knows. but this hash is no simple hash whether or not UFO exists !