Why only 1 UD per year?

hmm, if the blocktime is scaled properly to a certain time period, then it could function or?
for example freicoin does this with redistribution per block, so that in one year around 5% is reached.
of course the block creation must be fixed / adjusted properly per month / year.

how is it currently implemented? do you count the blocks until a day is reached, or do you just issue a node clock based time assumption when one days happens to be over? if so wouldnt it be possible to handle the ud per 10 minutes / blocktime the same like currently the ud per day is handled?

Currently we have a blocktime, and each time the blocktime reaches the UD time (which is known by advance, it is daily in metabrouzouf) the block must have a Dividend field.

So we must have UD frequency <= block frequency, otherwise UDs cannot we contained enough by the blocks.

This means UD every block is a limit case, and we should try not to have it otherwise we might fall into time asymmetry for money issuance.

just for clarification:
the writing node sets the blocktime or? Other nodes can den then decide if the time is too much in the future or past and accept the block or not accept the block or?

here a suggestion:
ok, so lets say we want to have UD frequency < X * block frequency
so a suggestion would be to use 1 minute blocks (or even less,see ehtereum block time) and 14,4 minutes UD payout time.
that would be 100 UD payouts per day.
that would also perfectly fit to the suggestion to define the default unit as 1% of the daily paid out UD :slightly_smiling:

Yes the time is defined by the nodes, i.e. the members each time they issue a block. The value is contained between min;max intervals just like bitcoin. The precise definition is in the protocol, dates part.[quote=“Arcurus, post:23, topic:674”]
ok, so lets say we want to have UD frequency < X * block frequency

Seriously guys … we are about to launch the first rocket ever in human history, and you are telling me we miss flowers on the playground?

Nah, I will definitely not loose anymore time with this :slight_smile: please have a fork when uCoin is done.