Wiki errors


On this page:

there are 2 broken links:

Thanks for the report, can you open a ticket of directly fix them on websites / duniter_website_fr_v2 · GitLab.

Done: Wiki errors (#1) · Issues · websites / duniter_website_fr_v2 · GitLab

But, any idea if the error about @elois webs are a temporal o permanent ewrror? I mean, these resources have changed their URL o it’s a temporal infrastructure (server) error from the Elois part??

Ps: your welcome, @Moul :wink:

These two instances are no longer maintained.
The only one running I know is
You can replace them with this address if you will.

Here you are the merge request: Update to fix broken links (!2) · Merge requests · websites / duniter_website_fr_v2 · GitLab