Willing to make €0,01 - €1,- bank transfers for 100 - 10k Ğ1

Galuel said he’d explain how to generate the block zero to me for 10k Ğ1.

I’d probably be able to figure it out myself, but unless I’m wrong I’d be the first buyer of Ğ1 and that sounds like fun.

I don’t think bank transfers from the Netherlands to France costs money, so paying a full euro for this won’t hurt my wallet.

So please private message me your bank account and the amount you’d like to send and I will send the corresponding amount in eurocents.

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Ha ha :smiley: You’re cute
0.01€ for 100Ḡ1, Good try!

I’m able to sell you some Ḡ1 for the price of 2€ for 1Ḡ1, if your are ok, I can sell around 1000Ḡ1 if you want!

Projection. Ğ1 are not Bitcoins.
My offer is very generous.

Yes and so?
I didn’t ask 10k€ for 1Ḡ1 … in that case you could compare to BTC, here I can’t figure out the relationship??

Ḡ1 is also not: Ether, Neo, EOS, IOTA, or neither not one of the 1500++ list of existing crypto-currencies.

And therefore, my sell price (decided by myself reltively on the confidence I put the Ḡ1 token) is (today) 2€ for 1Ḡ1, offre to take or not…

You could try to say that a Ferrari worth only 0.01€ but it don’t makes this assumption a truth for anyone than you…

It’s generous for you because you consider that Ğ1 is worthless! For me 2€ for 1Ḡ1 is a good price.

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For me too, and I can explain why:
I really want a Universal Basic Income to become true, and to me it should be worth 600€ by month, so 30days x 10Ḡ1/day = 300Ḡ1/month, so 300Ḡ1 should wotrth 600€, it gives 2000/300 = 2

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For myself , 1 CAD for 100 Ğ1 is a good price.

Everyones will have his price, the correct price is the price that will make a transaction. And it’s only valid when the transaction appear.

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Totally true! And @Folaht could try somebody to buy Ḡ1s at 0.01€ and this price will be valid only for 1 transaction between 2 users only.

Hi @Folaht

this is a pretty cool initiative :hugs:

Thanks for your offer and really hope some one will respond

We need


Love to see how the forum tends to be a market place :blush:

You should create an offer on gannonce or gechange.

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I can buy 1,99 Not Free Units / 1 Ğ1, so better offer than @devingfx ! A lot too, just tell me if you are ok !

I had no idea Duniter was already this far.
That’s good to see.

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One point,

Duniter have a lot of security issues, 1,99 Euros / 1 Ğ1 -> it’s too expensive

I am unable to start a crowdfunding campaign as I do not understand the authentication process there.

When I want to make a “l’annonce” I then get asked for authentification.
Did I not already gave my public key?

Giving the pubkey is not enough since you are required to authenticate.

To authentificate, you need to sign a message, so you need your private key (your secret identifier/password pair).

Okay, then I get this error:

Le compte n'a pas pu être créé ou modifié. Erreur technique : The account must exist

I’m not sure what account is meant by this. Do I have to be a Duniter member?

  • Create a new wallet (not member) under cesium for exemple

  • Use this wallet (authentication information) to connect to gannonce.

That’s what is giving me this error.
I am connected to gannonce and now gannonce asks for not just the public key, but also private key.
And it does not accept it.

Try again in a few minutes