WoT and the stereotypical third country undereducated user

I was just thinking a little more about Scenarios how to destroy a WoT and since I have been living in africa for half a year and I can guarantee you this as a valid situation.
If the whole system will only be relying on a web of trust mechanism, you as a remote european starting a currency will have no chance of checking, if a group of third country people, is having multiple accounts. Even if you are well befriended with many of them. They will not care about those soft guideline rules, that say, only certify if you are 100% sure and if you know a person in real. In the same time they don’t realize that they would destroy the system they just think about what they can see, and this is double free money. I say a WoT will not be enough unless there are more other rules introduced, which I don’t have good ideas for at the moment. Just pointing to the problematic.

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Yes you point it right: we cannot force people to build something together.

Again we make what we can to make something that flies, but people who not ready for that will just not fly.

Maybe their children will, however. That is more important.

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