Wot graphed with Arbor.js

I made a quick and dirty script to create a graph with arbor.js.
I’m not a programmer, I did it in less than 2 hours. This library is (too?) easy to use.
If interested, I can share my code. But, it’s probably not the best code you’ve ever seen :smile:

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Great! Please share it, I will try to add it at http://www.metab.ucoin.io/#/community/members with dynamic data :slight_smile:

Ok, i’m not a programmer and I really don’t know how to share code.
I never used CVS, SVN, git. (except the beloved “git clone” command).
Moreover, arbor.js is not maintened anymore. I have a look on sigma.js or d3.js. (Data Visualization is an exciting domain).

Anyway, I currently use the Http API to build the graph :

I have two remarks/questions :

  • I use jquery and the function getJSON. I cannot use it directly (getJSON(url);) because my browser complains about cross domain scripting. I googled this problem and it seems that this must be adressed on server side by implementing a json callback (jsonp : json with padding). Is this feature on the roadmap ?

  • I seen several libraries (sigma.js, d3.js) wich describe a graph G in this format { nodes : [ {“id”:“1”,“xxx”=“a”}, {“id”:“2”,“xxx”="b}], edges : [ {“id”:“1”,“source”=“a”}, {“id”:“2”,“source”="b}] }
    Is there a way to obtain the graph structure more easily than my method (HTTP API calls /wot/members and /wot/certifiers-of/someone).

Thanks for your time.

PS : Maybe this thread should be moved on Dev section.

If your code is in a single file, you can also paste it into http://hastebin.com/ and give us the link.

Anyway, it is great to see you’ve dug into the API and used it successfully like @vit did for cutecoin :smile:

Here is :

And regarding my questions ? Any answer ? :innocent:

I will have a look on ElasticSearch http://data.ucoin.fr/