[Wotwizard] Missing one prediction?

monit says that tomorrow 28 when my certification gets unblocked , this candidate should pass the rules to become a member, but I can’t see it in the https://wot-wizard.duniter.org/ predictions, am I missing something or is it a bug?

Thanks a lot.

G1-monit is right. And WotWizard confirms:


  28/10/2020 18:46:33     Probabilité = 100%

The node wot-wizard.duniter certainly doesn’t see all your data, it’s why you don’t appear there. But my node does. I just expect that the latter sees data enough for doing right forecasts.

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Thanks gerard, I don’t have much knowledge of how nodes propagates information or if it’s just a cache issue of the main duniter wot wizard… If there is a list of other wotwizards out there, they are welcome!

WotWizard reads directly the database of the duniter node where it’s installed: blockchain (members) and sandbox (newcomers). So, it uses Duniter propagation.

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