Writing Cucumber Scenarios for the Duniter V2

Hi! In the RML16 event, I think Elois mentioned that writing scenarios would be a way to help the development of the duniter v2. Is this still needed?
If so, I’m reading the Cucumber Rust Book and also the Rust Programming Language book and my goal is to spend at least 2 weekly hours helping in this matter. I could also help improving documentation and things like that.

If you guys think this would be helpful, please feel free to assign tasks to me.

Best regards,

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Yes, we still don’t have cucumber tests for all the WoT features. You can search for the related issues with the cucumber keyword.

There are docs in the docs directory, and if needed you can ask @elois , @HugoTrentesaux or me for help (or the wallet developers who know the extrinsics/calls/storage from the outside).

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Yes, any help is welcome, contact @HugoTrentesaux because he is also working on adding cucumber scenarios

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Could you successfully run the tests according to the documentation ? end2end-tests · master · nodes / rust / Duniter v2S · GitLab

Try to modify existing tests to get used to it and after that, we can schedule a visio to develop new ones :wink:

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ok! I’ll try to run the tests and modify existing one first, thanks!

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