About the English Translations category

Use this category to coordinate and contribute to the translation from French to English of any Ğ1 Currency materials, whether we are talking about content from websites, videos, documents (flyers, posters, etc.) or apps.

Why is this category fo?
Most of the Ğ1 Currency material is in French, and there is a big need to support international expansion of Ğ1 Currency by making its materials available to the English community. So we created this sub-section/category in the forum to better coordinate translations of all these materials.

Please discuss translation issues / debates preferably in English in this sub-section as some contributors are native English speakers and don’t speak French but might have good inputs to guide us toward the best translation.

How to contribute in this category?

  1. First, add yourself to the list of translators offering their help in this topic if you are not listed there yet.
  2. Ideally, one topic = one material to be translated (for example: one video, or one document, or one webpage, etc.). Please add a ‘type’ tag to your topic so that we quickly know what kind of material it is (web page, video, …).
  3. You can track the translation status of the material with the tags (to be translated, to be reviewed by native speaker, to be reviewed by Ğ1 expert, to be improved…) and find one where you can contribute.
  4. Once you contributed, change the translation status tag so that we quickly know what is left to be translated.

If there is a need to change the coordination process, please start a topic about it and add the link here and update this introduction section.