Article à paraître sur le blog Duniter, demande de retours

J’ai écrit cet article un peu vite, je veux bien des retours avant publication : Duniter | Duniter v2 alpha 🌀. Je m’occuperai de le traduire en français une fois stabilisé et publié en anglais.

[edit] paru sur Duniter | Duniter v2 alpha 🌀 ainsi qu’une traduction automatique sur

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Join the test network §1: “take part to in

A solution to the fee problem §2: extremly → extremely

“those wo own more” (manque un H)

“During these attacks, the non-anonymous accounts (= linked to the web of trust) are protected from the attack within a certain quota.” → j’aurais dit “still enjoy null fees within a certain quota”

“establishing and maintaining a high-quality link between the community will and the implementation and only then implement self-governance mechanisms” :+1:

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If it is for a large non-technical audience, “On the technical side, the web of trust requires storing a lot of on-chain data, and we do not want the proof_size limitation of parachains which limits the size of data coming from the Merkle tree used during the blocks execution” could be replaced by a generic “[…] on-chain data limitation imposed on parachains” to not delve too much into core technical jargon.