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may I also ask for certifications? My public key is:

Sorry, that i cannot speak or write Frensch at the moment, so I ask you to use an online translator for the following:

Avec google translate:
Puis-je également demander des certifications? Ma clé publique est:

Désolé, je ne peux pas parler ou écrire Frensch pour le moment, alors je vous demande d’utiliser un traducteur en ligne pour ce qui suit:

For me the vision of a fair monetary system is very promising. A system where all people around the world would have a fair access to money and therefore resources. Just imagine this one second: An world where nobody has to die, because he did not have some money for food. A world where nobody can be enslaved to pay interest! A world full of freedom to choose his own destiny without having the fear to starve!

Ultimately I hope, that new currencies like Duniter can lead to a gift based economy where everybody is proud of sharing what he has to give, like it was common in ancient times where we did not number everything.

Lets see what we can do and let’s don’t forget to have some joy while doing it, otherwise it’s not worth!

See you,

My background is: Diplom Computer Science (similar to Master in Germany) with main topic distributed systems. Im also very much interested in economy, spirituality and self development.

I have participated already in some Ucoin / Duniter Test currencies in the end of 2015 and tried my best to outline further advancements of the duniter protocol like the sentry rule of 80%.
If you want you can look in the history of my account.

Here a link to the registration of my test account:

Thx for all, and a lot thx for @cgeek for all that he has done!

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