[Ask for certification] manolollr

Hi! I’m Manuel. Recently I’ve been testing TestNet currency and now it’s time of GTest.

User: manolollr
Public Key: 4qesC5stf342FJL7w5AQndwc3GmrxA49DdUZcZt4Ti2c

Here is the topic I write when I was certified to TestNet:


Merci! Gracias!

Hello manolorr,

As you can maybe seen on the forum, many people are joining the blockchain right now and we can only write one certification / member / day. So it will have to wait a little before becoming a member !

Please check that you join the blockchain before 7 days, else you’ll need to publish your identity and membership again. Unwritten documents are dropped after 7 days !

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Hi @manolollr, I certified you, but it could take several days, 'cause I’ve already other certifications in the pipe :wink: Be patient !

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Ola! Te he certificado. Mi espanol es pobre, pero espero que esta frase sera comprensible.:slight_smile:

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Hello monolollr,

I can find 4 certifications for you, and it seems that you should be able to join the WoT : http://wotex.cgeek.fr/?to=manolollr&pending=on&mode=w2u

Which client did you use to publish your identity ? If you used Sakia, don’t forget to click on “Renew membership” !

I’m using Sakia. This afternoon I will click on “Renew membership”, since it’s 7 days ago.

Since your Identity seems to still be valid, you can click on Renew membership and it should be enough. http://wotex.cgeek.fr/?to=manolollr&pending=on&mode=w2u

If you were late and your identity expired, you would have to do a right click > publish UID on the connection in the left panel.

Note: the next wave of newcomers / certifications is coming tomorrow morning, approx. 10 o’clock BCT.

I need certifications again :frowning:

Can you certify me?

Thank you!

A few days ago the proportion was 20 members / 60 pending

Now it is 33 members / 40 pending

I hope now we can be certified faster.

I just certified you when I saw you only had 2 at the moment… And watching the wotex specialised node we can chack you have no sentry too far from you, so you should be in tomorrow !

By the way I use this post to note that the reverse wotex doesn’t show the correct information compared to the basic one, it seems like a bug.

No it seems correct: @manolollr hasn’t signed anyone. Maybe he can’t, if the clients prevent him to do so.

But they have another pending certifications before me. I estimate I wil be certified in 4 or 5 days. Perhaps it’s better to send only one certification per day, it offers more realistic information to users waiting to certify and there is lesser chance of errors.

I can’t certify yet, because I’m not a member. When I try to certify in Sakia appears a button grayed with text “Not a member”

Yes you are right ! I forgot this point :slight_smile:

You have 4 certifications, but you are still not member, you will probably have to update the request.

Oh no! Today expires my membership request.

What should I do? Renew Identity and membership? Renew only membership?

I will lose current certs if I renew Identity?


Yes you will have to renew both because the identity expired and the membership too.

When your identity will be written in the blockchain, only the membership can expire.

The identity can only get definitely revoked, by publishing a Revocation document, or because you didn’t renew membership after a long time ( @cgeek how much time is it ? I forgot)

OK, thank you.

There is something strange with certifications. This is what appears in Cesium:

2 accepted? 6 pending

In this link:


I can view the 2 accepted certs: Stanlog and Galuel. But why Mententon and Cuckooland are not accepted?

Cuckooland is only certifying me. Mententon have 2 certfications but I’m the first in the queue. It is strange, this 2 certs are not recognised.

Can you inspect this, please?

Thank you.

Twice the time of membership renewal.

Yes, and I don’t know why. Because in this other link you can see all the pending certs: http://gtest.duniter.org:10900/wot/lookup/manolollr

But for sure the latter is more complete, and you can rely on this one to make conclusions about certs.

Concernant ma certification de manolollr.

 Bonjour. Je commence à douter du fait que j’aurais loupé quelque chose

en révoquant définitivement mon identité sur Cesium autour du 2 février.
Voyant que je recevais toujours le DU, et que mes certifications et transactions passaient, j’ai continué.
Mais ce n’était peut-être qu’un acte manqué qui me ferait bien dire qu’a force de rester au bord, je, finit en effet de bord. Mententon ?