[Ask for Certifications] manolollr

Hi! I’m Manuel

My English is a little poor and I don’t speak French. Sorry. Do you speak Spanish?
I hope you understand me.

User identity: manolollr
Public Key: 4qesC5stf342FJL7w5AQndwc3GmrxA49DdUZcZt4Ti2c

I don’t like to upload self photos to Internet, but in this blog where I work there is a photo where I appear, I’m the person in the right. You can compare it with my avatar here.

Here are more resources for proving my identity:

I’m very interested in testing this network. I’ve known Bitcoin for years but I’ve never liked it. It uses a lot of energy a have a limited amount of 21 million. This page explains it better than me: "how will future joiners get Bitcoins? The answer – just like Euros or Dollars: to get money you have to work for the ones who already own it. "

I’m a system administrator working with free software.

Until a few months a ago, I was an administrator of a CES community: https://www.community-exchange.org/home/

The CES system have advantages and disadvantages. There a local communities, with face to face contact. It requires more administrative effort. It’s based on a server, if the server goes down all communities goes down. (You can copy the database, but it’s hard to start again).

I like the philosophy of Duniter: "Other motivations? Well, no. Motivation is to have a working free currency, because we know we want a free currency. "

Bitcoin seems like Dollar or Euro. I have hope in Duniter.

Do you agree to certificate me?

Thank you.

Hola Manuel, conmigo podras tambien escribir en castellano (pero no tengo los acentos… :slight_smile: ). Si estas en Espana y necesitas que unos miembros de Duniter vengan para presentarlo en castellano, yo podre hacerlo. Creo que eres el primero Espanol que viene para descubrir el proyecto.

I certified you for the test-net money. Next money will be Gtest very soon, so keep connected to join last money test !

Muchas gracias por certificarme.

He descubierto el proyecto en Diaspora y me ha resultado muy interesante.

Con que publicacion ?

¡Que casualidad!, ha sido una publicación tuya. No me había dado cuenta.

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hola Manuel, bien venido aquí. Aprobé tu cuenta.

I don’t speak Spanish but I love to read all these languages on the forum :wink: welcome here !

Welcome on libre money