[Ask for certification] thatindoguy

Hi everyone!

I’m thatindoguy and I’m very interested to join this community. Here’s is some information on my identity:



Thank you so much guys! Hope I can help this community to grow even further :smile:

Hey, welcome :smile:


edit: welcome!

Wow, that was fast, thanks!

Edit: By the way, I’m kinda new here, what should I do next?

@thatindoguy, this is a testing money. You could certify other person, send money, understand free/fair money relative point of view.

You can play with the software to try sending money, explore different currency modes (Quantitative, Relative), certify other people (notably newcomers) as you are now able to do it as a member.

Of course you can also report bugs if you find some :slight_smile:

@Moul @cgeek ah okay, thank you guys!

et Bienvenu mais toujours limité à mon transfert maximum de 99 MetaB

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